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Old 06-24-2004, 11:04 AM
Jack Kennedy
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Default Hi, I wanted to say thank

I wanted to say thankyou to John Williams at Joyful Music in Middlefield Ohio for being an execellent represenative and source of Robin guitars. After a few weeks of emailing pictures of Robin guitars (in stock by the way) and phone calls (answered in a timely/patient manner) I made a 520 mile round trip to his place. John's personality put me at ease with noodling over five different Robin guitars. Each one of these instruments were set up extremely well (John said they come this way from Robin). From your typical big name guitar makers this is not often the case. I originaly was just interested in one but after playing them the quality control and playability was so consistent I walked out with two. John Williams attitude is not one of salesmanship but one of honesty about what makes a great guitar. The combination of John's attitude and Robin both representing what great USA made guitars should be was the deciding factors in my decision to purchase them. I can honestly say that I would take any Robin pro/sport series and put it up against the best handmade or best CNC made instrument and it will play and sound better or as good as their top of the line instruments. You won't be paying handmade prices for a CNC instrument either :-)
We need to get rid of the corporate guitar making and corporate retailing in the guitar world.
Robin Guitars and John Williams are examples of how things should be done. You will never need to purchase after market products for a Robin guitar because its done right the 1st time. That 520 mile , 9 hour trip was worth it.
Blue Lightning
Old 07-01-2004, 11:36 AM
John Williams John Williams is offline
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Default I count it as an honor to be a

I count it as an honor to be able to serve people like Mr.Kennedy in a day and age when service has gone by the wayside.I am also honored by the fact that a world class company like Robin would allow someone small,and independant such as myself to represent their top shelf instruments.I pledge to continue carrying as many Robin guitars as humanly possible,and will look forward to watching the joy in the faces of the people that pick them up,and play them.God bless Texas,the U.S.A.,and you Blue Lightning! Big John (Joyful Noise Music)

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