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Old 12-15-2011, 09:38 AM
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Default Wanna replace alot of stuff on my Custom Shop SG V.o.S

I have an Gibson SG/Les Paul Standad Reissue Faded Cherry with Maestro which i luckily got the same day as Angus Young is having his Birthday(31th March i think), i had put an Angus Young Signature pickup inside it and it sounded great but everytime i played with Preamp at 8 and master anywhere near 2 and higher it started to get tons of feedback and squeeling and stuff like that, i found out it wasent the amp that was the problem since the sound changed to normal on the other guitar i have. The amp is an 1980 Marshall JMP 2203 Master Volume amp 100 watt and the cabinet is an 4x12 with the model name 1982 and it has 4 G12H 30 watt blackbacks, the cabinet is in pretty rough and well used shape but it sounds absolutely fantastic.

I have deicided i would like to swich the whole wiring and both pickups at a later date when i can afford it.

I would like the following,

Rio Grande BBQ in bridge (it is stronger than the Angus pickup and i'd like it that way, besides it seems to sound better from the few clips i've heard).

Texas pickup in neck (for a good neck pickup to balance the whole guitar incase i wanna experiment).

500k pots.

Bumblebee caps. (a really good boutique one RS can make)

50s wiring (so to be able to roll down the volume and not let it become muddy and also allow less and more drive of the amp depending on how the knob is set at)

4 conductor wiring, with 2 volume / 2 tone knob with maybe some sort of push pull thing.(to experiment with tone and sound)

Making it feel and sound somewhat more vintage like a typhical dream setup that alot of people would like on their late 50s Les Paul standard, everything being new but made like the older stuff to really change the sound for the better.

I would preferly like a full custom kit, to swich everything in the wiring and electronics so i just can bolt it on the guitar and being ready to go, it must feel vintage and be alot better than the stock wiring stuff that is currently in my guitar stock, and change the tone for the better.

I guess this is basicly all, i might have forgotten some small details perhaps but you get my idea, it's like a typhical kit that will make the tone much better and being in style like on a 59 Les Paul standard or something, being vintage like and be able to remove any wiring issues in the future, and being of great quality.

Can anyone point my out to the perfect RS kit for what i have in mind when i can afford this?

Really appritiate any help with this

P.S I allways use a clean boost for the amp, no other effekts exept reverb at times and maybe compressor but that's all really, my playing style is in the ballpark like Angus Young or in the area at least, also Paul Kossoff, but i play Gary Moore style as well, and i'am using Ernie Ball 009-042 strings and Fender Extra Heavy plectrums as well.

I would pretty much need a kit that gives me a whole much better tone and quality than the stock wiring thing that sits in my guitar so i can finaly be rid of squeeling and feedback issues which prevents me to play properly or being silent in the playing when i need to be silent.

Best Regards - Irön/Beast
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Old 01-13-2012, 02:12 PM
korodesu korodesu is offline
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Let me begin by asking a question. Do you have any experience soldering? If not then go buy a $20 soldering iron and start practicing.

First, for the price of all of those pre-assembled wiring kits you can buy a gun, a bunch of lead electronics solder, all of the pots and caps, spool of wire, and shielding tape and still save yourself money. You will also become self sufficient.

Second, I'd bet money your feedback issue has nothing to do with the wiring and is a result of the pickup. It's most likely not properly potted. If you have a problem with RFI or 60 cycle hum then your electronics need to be shielded.

Third, the difference between a $1 capacitor and an overpriced "vintage" capacitor is negligible sound wise. Pots, as well as caps and their values have the more of an effect on the sound. You also have to be extremely weary of many vendors selling vintage or boutique caps. There are plenty of threads online of "legitimate" vendors selling fakes with cheap 10cent electrolytics inside of vintage style cases.

All in all it's YOUR money, but I wouldn't listen to the masses regurgitated garble of how a $30 cap and $60 worth of pots are "OMG SOO MUCH BETTER". Much of it is placebo effect. Your guitar will sound killer and be silent if you shielded the cavities, get some 10% tolerance CTS 500k's, a $2-3 .022uF cap, a switchcraft jack, replace or repot that bridge pickup, and make solid solder joints.
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Old 03-05-2012, 01:22 PM
Irön/Beast Irön/Beast is offline
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Hi again! Nope i have no experience myself. Well i know some guys who can probubly do it better than me and alot cheaper as well for a couple of beers if nothing else

Well basicly, yes i could buy a soldering iron and practice that, i have an very cheap fender strat copy which could function as an experiment guitar for such things.

Problem is, for the moment that is, i would like a good basic kit for my main guitar, one that doesn't neccecarily have to be the ''ultimate'' kit in terms of accuracy and sonic quality e.t.c but it has to be a better quality, sounding and more accurate kit than the whole harness(the whole wiring, pots, caps and all electric wires e.t.c) i currently has into it.

I doupt i could probubly hear a MASSIVE difference in frequences, but i at least wanna be able to archive a similar harness and wiring as was supposly common on 50s Les Paul, be able to clean up e.t.c when rolling down and get more drive e.t.c when rolling volume knob up and less when rolling it down and so on. I think 500k pots should be better for humbucker pickups like the ones i uses, at least it should work better with the pickups i will swich to later which will be Rio Grande pickups as i've mention. I think the harness and wiring inside the guitar is not as great as it should be and changing it completely should make improvement, but probubly not making it a new guitar

And as for now, i want a kit. If i feel i could try out different caps, pots and wiring techniques i could try such things out later, maybe changing to other pots, maybe the wires, who knows, but as for now, i want a complete harness and wiring swich, just to be able to do the basic stuff i want and possibly make the pickups work better in the guitar.

I will ofcourse save ALL the original wiring stuff if i will want to trade it away to someone who wants it in the original shape, but doing it this way, just swiching harness and wiring, pickups, hardware to better stuff will not permamently damage it or change it, just making it sound better while possibly retaining the value by restoring all original components back again

Just a basic, good quality kit that is much better than the stock harness(wiring, wires, pots, caps and all that, not counting pickups or anything else just the electronics inside the guitar) for a better tone and make it possibly sound a little better.

I'am not that good yet for beginning to solder stuff so i rather leave such things on my main guitar to someone who knows how to do it properly rather than damage anything, if i want to experiment i can do so with my cheap guitar

I'am not a audiophile being ''Nazi-accurate'' :P

Just likes to improve the main guitar where i can without permamently damaging it in any way by changing frets, neck, paint or drilling in wood or anything. One can change harness and wiring, pickups, hardware(screws, vibrato arm, bridge, maestro, saddle e.t.c) but if one keeps the original stuff the value can still be saved and one can deffinitly improve a guitar's sound with better component this way

So you can't suggest a good kit for this? This is afterall a typhical vintage kind of kit for an SG/Les Paul made after 1961 that had P.A.F pickups a few years onwards. I want to replicate the wiring and harness in terms of accuracy, sonicwise, component wise e.t.c to make it more on par with an example dating back at early 60s Les Paul/SG could have, they deffinitly had better electronics at least, possibly.

I don't need an ''elitish'' kit costing several hundred $ to make it 100% accurate in sound and quality to make it a perfect copy, just better and more accurate overall than the stuff inside my guitar. If i want to improve induvidual parts i can then have a good basic wiring and go from there to maybe step by step improve it alot better, that's what i think.

Or if anyone else can? Cause i honestly don't have that time trying to track down induvidual wiring parts to make my own i need a complete kit and a good kit, possibly already wired to 50s wiring so i just need to fit it to the pickups and the room of the guitar.

Can you point me to a good kit for this or if anyone else here can do so?

Thinking about RS, CTS e.t.c
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